Analysis of Urban Agricultural Characteristics along Land Use Gradient in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • Olalekan J Taiwo Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


The paper argued that land use diversity influenced urban agriculture and that understanding the
characteristics of each land use type within which urban agriculture is situated will help to
identify prospects and challenges confronting urban agriculture. Three hundred questionnaire
coupled with personal interviews were used in collecting relevant information and data
pertaining to socio-economic and demographic characteristics of urban farmers. Existing land
use map of the LGA was updated with the 2010 high-resolution satellite (Quickbird) image of the
LGA. Frequencies, cross-tabulation and analysis of variance were used in analysing variations in
socio-economic factors across different land use types. The rapid disappearance of urban
agricultural sites within the built-up areas is situated within the concept of the survival of the
fittest.The results showed that the land use characteristics within which urban agriculture is
located moderate its size, rental cost, profit, accessibility to roads network, while it exacts little
or no influence on it with regard to distance from markets and water sources. The findings
provide new insights into theoretical debates on the role of land use pattern in influencing
pertinent factors of urban agriculture in and around cities. It brings to the fore the need to
consider the spatial pattern of urban land use in the allocation of space for urban agriculture
while emphasising the role of geographical distance in determining urban agricultural outcomes.

Apr 11, 2017
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